Episode 3

Published on:

26th Apr 2021

#03: Mastering Your Craft, Ft. Chicago Tattoo Artist Rinel Tabamo

"Hey, what's up guys? This is Rhyno Tabamo, and I'm a tattoo artists.

If you want to pursue your passions, then you should be following and listening to The People's Coach Podcast with my good friend Angelo Liloc."


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About the Podcast

The People's Coach
with Angelo Liloc
Imagine living a life where you achieved every goal you set out to accomplish. A life you're excited to wake up to and start the day. A lifestyle aligned and crafted specifically around your values.

What does that look like? How much greater would your quality of life be? How much more fulfilled would you feel going about your daily activities?

Greatness has been something many of us have sought after and continue to seek. The reason many people never achieve it is because of their perspective of what greatness truly is. It's not something others define, but rather what we perceive it to be.

Here on The People's Coach Podcast, you'll learn how to redefine what greatness means for you. You'll learn how to craft your ideal lifestyle and create the highly optimized version of yourself. Every week, your host Angelo Liloc, will share interviews and conversations with some of the most influential people living today. Angelo has been featured on major articles and publications from his coaching clients ranging from celebrities, professional athletes, special forces personnel, global leaders, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs. Now he's going to share the secrets and mindsets they've used to achieve greatness and find fulfillment in life.

Each episode is tailored for you to take the lessons, insights, and tangible tips to immediately apply it TODAY!

Consider me your personal coach to living a life of greatness. The People's Coach Podcast is a network built around everyday people who've conquered fear in order to achieve the highest levels of success and happiness. Not just for themselves, but for their families as well.

I'm glad that you're here, and I'm honored to be part of YOUR circle. Welcome to the People's Coach! Get ready to lead boldly, live presently, laugh often, and love deeply.
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About your host

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Angelo Liloc

After a career ending injury, Angelo left his law enforcement career not knowing what to do next. After multiple failed attempts at different career changes, he finally found his place in entrepreneurship.

In 2017, he started a fitness and wellness company, Mod3rn FitnessĀ®, to help entrepreneurs redefine their unique meaning of 'balance'. He's been featured on major articles and publications like Thrive Global, LA Fitness, Business Talk Radio, and Authority Magazine.

Working with high performing clients like professional athletes, celebrities, global leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers; have earned him the nickname of "The People's Coach" on social media.

"He's helping transform hundreds and eventually millions of lives around the world. How? Simple by creating one positive habit at a time." - Thrive Global

As Angelo and his wife, Carlene, prepare to welcome their new baby into the world; Angelo knows there's still a greater impact to be made...

"The People's Coach" is just the beginning.

Follow his journey as Angelo explores the true meaning of GREATNESS by networking and interviewing many of today's most influential people.