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#01: Going Pro: Greatness Beyond The NFL Ft. John Walker

"Hey, what up everybody? My name is, John Walker, aka "J-Walk", I am a USC alumni, retired NFL veteran, and I'm currently killing the real estate game here in Southern California.

If you want to hear about how you can level up in life and have an unlimited mindset, please give my bro a listen on The People's Coach Podcast with my brother Angelo Liloc.

You gotta tune in, give him a follow, give him a listen and we will plug in talking to you about that real real"


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Angelo Liloc

After a career ending injury, Angelo left his law enforcement career not knowing what to do next. After multiple failed attempts at different career changes, he finally found his place in entrepreneurship.

In 2017, he started a fitness and wellness company, Mod3rn FitnessĀ®, to help entrepreneurs redefine their unique meaning of 'balance'. He's been featured on major articles and publications like Thrive Global, LA Fitness, Business Talk Radio, and Authority Magazine.

Working with high performing clients like professional athletes, celebrities, global leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers; have earned him the nickname of "The People's Coach" on social media.

"He's helping transform hundreds and eventually millions of lives around the world. How? Simple by creating one positive habit at a time." - Thrive Global

As Angelo and his wife, Carlene, prepare to welcome their new baby into the world; Angelo knows there's still a greater impact to be made...

"The People's Coach" is just the beginning.

Follow his journey as Angelo explores the true meaning of GREATNESS by networking and interviewing many of today's most influential people.